Waikato Society of Potters
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Phoenix Wood Firing with Greg Barron

Saturday 3rd August 9:00am - Sunday 11th August 2024 7:00pm
Where  Waikato Society of Potters, Ward Park Arts Centre, Hamilton View Map

A limited number of spaces are available to share the use of the kiln on this upcoming wood firing. 

Saturday 3 August: Prep day: organize wood, prep props, shelves, wadding etc 
Saturday 10 August: wadding and loading pots into kiln
Sunday 11 August: firing kiln
Saturday 17 August: unloading kiln

You will need to bring at least a banana box amount of work for the kiln.
Please glaze your pieces prior to 10th August so that they're ready to load.

We are thrilled to have Greg Barron as firemaster for this event. Accordingly the cost for this event is $1985. A deposit of $135 (members) or $175 (non-members) must be paid in advance to secure a space in the firing. The balance of the firing cost is to be distributed amongst the participants based on how much space they have in the kiln (roughly $30).

Normally the fire master is in charge of distributing the cost between the participants but in this case WSP will appoint a participant to do this. Costs are to be paid at the end of the unloading day and cover glaze materials, contribution to kiln maintenance, studio use, wood collection, admin and firemaster fees.

To potential participants:

Whether this is your first wood-firing experience or you are a seasoned Phoenix fan, here are some points for you to consider/remember before enrolling:

The firing process takes 3 days. Day 1 – preparation (wood organisation, shelf and prop washing, wadding prep); Day 2 – wadding and loading pots into the kiln; Day 3 – firing. You will be involved in all 3 days.

Your pots need to be made from high firing stoneware clay. Suitable clays to use:
- Mac’s Mud: Speckled Buff, Buff, Whitestone;
- some Laguna, Clayworks and Walker clays,
- Primo High and Mid Fire Porcelain are all suitable clay bodies. 

Some clays are labelled as “stoneware” but are in fact mid-firing clays. Please check the clay’s temperature information. A  minimum temperature of 1280 C is required.   Please avoid using “The Weekender” clay - it does not perform well in the Phoenix. 

Sorry, no previously fired pots (i.e. re-fires) will go into the kiln.

More detailed information about Phoenix wood firings will be sent with your booking confirmation email.


A limited number of spaces are available to share the use of the kiln on this upcoming wood firing.  Saturday 3 August: Prep... more

Booking deposit - members $135.00

Booking deposit - non members $175.00

Available 24 Apr 2024 - 2 Aug 2024

All prices in NZ Dollars and include GST

You can pay for this booking by: Credit/Debit Card or Internet Banking

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