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Two great events to build your facilitation skills

When Starts Monday 25th March 8:45am - Ends Tuesday 26th March 2019 4:45pm
Where  Balcony Room, Historic Village, 17th Avenue West, Tauranga

Introduction to Extraordinary Facilitation

A one day course for emerging facilitators and leaders interested in broadening their people and meeting skills.  This intense and dynamic training is a fantastic way to pick up 'out of the ordinary skills' in effective facilatation and leadership so that you can be more engaging and bring about deeper change for the people you serve.

Who is it for?

The course is for people who have already started facilitating or leading groups of people and who are hungry to branch out and try more effective techniques and ideas from outside the box.  This course will expose you to dozens of new tactics and give you are chance to hone your skills in a fun and supportive setting.

Here's what previous participants said:

 "Amazing "

"Great modelling of facilitation – experience it before you try it"

"Very practical experiential learning – heaps of fun – gets you thinking outside the box"

"Come with an open mind – I’ve discovered for example, that I can be more creative than I thought and I can facilitate this for others

Learning Outcomes

  • Deepen your understanding of ideas behind facilitation and participatory leadership
  • Develop a bigger tool kit of practical techniques and skills and the strategies to collate them to make facilitation more effective
  • Experience dozens of common and uncommon facilitation techniques including:
    • Working in non-office settings to achieve more impact
    • Developing greater self-mastery in tricky or challenging situations
    • Dealing with controversial issues and divergent perspectives
    • Developing a wider repertoire non-verbal communication skills
  • Try out new techniques for themselves and receive feedback
  • Reflect on your own personal strengths and develop your own follow up action plan

Who runs both of these sessions?

Your guide is Liana Stupples a facilitator with over 20 years international experience.  Liana has drawn from her diverse work co-ordinating everything from international human rights campaigns, community engagement for controversial resource management issues, national social innovation projects, youth going on outdoor adventures to community singing and distilled the most powerful and extraordinary facilitation techniques for you.

She has worked for all sectors including business, government and not for profit and understands the challenges of good leadership and facilitation in each.  She has trained an equally wide range of people from international diplomats, to woman in prison.

Liana somehow helps you feel relaxed and open to new experiences; she will stick beside you as you challenge yourself. She can find the playful side of most things and she commits to bringing an engaging energy as well as sensitive facilitation skills to every event she runs.  Despite the fun she is serious about building the capacity of people and organisations to tackle the real and the tough stuff. That is why she has been curious all her life about how to better facilitate and lead and wants you to practically benefit from this insight.

What you get for your money

  • Full day training in a fantastic venue
  • Full e-handbook of techniques and tips
  • Free follow up coaching session and peer support forum

Cost: Extra-ordinary Facilitation (1 day) only $125, or


Extraordinary Visual Thinking

A one day introduction to the power of visual tools for live and work.

"If you want greater confidence to make and draw without having to be an artist, this is the course for you."

Visual thinking is a fast track to clearer thinking, deeper engagement, better recall and so much more.

Visual thinking is a fast track to clearer thinking, deeper engagement, better recall and so much more.

[This course is designed to perfectly complement the Introduction to Extraordinary facilitation 1 day course]

Liana’s Graphic facilitation is “awe inspiring” (Facilitation client)

“You know you get the notes from meetings and they go straight in the drawer, but I put that picture you did up on the wall for all my team to see” (Facilitation participant)

Join Liana Stupples and learn about this amazing tool. You can do it too.

Cost: Extra-ordinary Visual Thinking (1 day) only $125, or

Introduction to Extra-ordinary Facilitation and Visual Thinking (2 days)- $200


Introduction to Extraordinary Facilitation A one day course for emerging facilitators and leaders interested in broadening... more

Facilitation & Visual Thinking combo $200.00
9am - 4pm 25th & 26th March

Available 20 Feb 2019 - 25 Mar 2019

Facilitation only $125.00
9am - 4pm 25th March

Available 20 Feb 2019 - 25 Mar 2019

Visual Thinking only $125.00
9am - 4pm 26th March

Available 25 Feb 2019 - 26 Mar 2019

All prices in NZ dollars

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